How Mediumship Works

How a Session with Pamela Theresa Works.

The Most Common Questions People Ask Me by Pamela Theresa, Medium in the Raw

How long have you been this way?

People ask me all the time when did I learn that I could talk to the dead. It is a simple answer... I have always been this way. The hardest part for me was coming to the acceptance that I was this way. I was born this way.

Can you ever turn it off, or does spirit always talk to you?

Spirit communication is my natural way of being, there is always someone in the spirit world who I can connect with. We are friends. I feel that it would be strange for me if there weren't any communication. It doesn't bother me, it is my normal. Simple answer is I really don't want to turn it off. The spirit world is my comfort zone. Although, because spirit is always present and I am aware of the realm, I do ask for help and the spirit world will offer guidance and make suggestions. This does not mean that I have the answer to all of my problems, indeed, I make mistakes and ignore the guidance just as anyone else does. I am here to learn and grow too, therefore spirit will not interfere with my lessons. If they can help, they will. If they need to stand back as I learn a lesson, they do.
What is the purpose of a read with a Medium?
My job as a medium is to prove the continuity of life. In other words, I deliver evidence through the messages that your loved ones deliver to me, and then I share the messages with you. This evidence is the key to a successful reading. In simple terms I am a messenger.

Are you psychic too?
YES. However, I make an effort during all sessions to shut the psychic doors. It is my job to listen carefully to your loved ones who are on the other side and then deliver the messages to you as best I can. A psychic read is NOT spirit communication, and is NOT mediumship.
How do you know that this stuff is real?

Point 1: I died when I was 5, I drowned and came back. Point 2: I died again when I was 18 in a car accident and I came back. I know the other side is real, I have been there and back again.