Pamela Theresa, Medium in the Raw...Ghost Whisperer

I'm a medium, death is my gift.

What this means is that I can feel, hear and see, and communicate with spirit. When I say that I can feel, I mean this...When I am in the presence of spirit I can feel what they felt during their life and also when they died, I feel and experience their death.

I am an empath.

As we were filming the local haunts Sally episode I was doing my work as a medium and communicating with the spirits who were present at the investigation. Some may call me the real ghost whisperer, I guess this is true. I feel that whisperer is a proper explanation of my gift of spirit communication because as you will see, I am having a full communication with an earthbound spirit, even as the crew are having a conversation.

When I walked into this particular room I saw that there was a man standing in the corner. I saw him, but no one else did. Not only did I see him, but he knew that I saw him too. In that instance the spiritual link formed between he and I. What this means for me as an empath is that now, I am feeling his chest injury. He died of a massive heart attack, and I was feeling it… you can see this. Look closely at this footage. You will see that everyone else in the room is oblivious to the communication that I had established with the earthbound spirit in the space.

(The Sally Local Haunts Episode aired Sunday, April 26, 2017 at 9:30pm on CW17 following Medium in the Raw at 9:00pm on CW17).

There is something about the spiritual link, and as a medium I have the ability to create a link with spirit and have a full telepathic conversation with the dead. I don't really know why this is possible, it simply has been this way for my entire life, it is the same way I communicate with animals who are alive in the physical, and also animals who are in spirit.

As a medium, when I do spiritual reads for my clients delivering messages from their loved ones who are heavenly, this same telepathic communication exists...It really is the same. I must share with you that our work on Local Haunts is not staged, I am not an actor. I really do have full communication with the spirit world. You can see evidence of this time and time again on my show, Medium in the Raw.

As a medium, working with the spirit world is working with the spirit world. In other words, there is no difference in how I establish the link of communication whether I do a reading for a client, or help a lost earthbound spirit transition home to heaven. Spirit communication is just that, spirit communication. In fact, I would say that from the beginning, as a child, I developed a natural communication with the spirit world, not even knowing that I was different.

My understanding of my gift as a medium was born out of my communication and awareness of ghosts, or as I like to call them… earthbound spirits. I have talked to them about their life and told them everything is okay, and have helped them come to the awareness that everything is okay so they can go home.

We have a real communication, spirit and I.

This is true mediumship...Spirit communication. Some may wonder why I chose to title myself “Medium in the Raw”...well, that's just life, it is raw….I am a medium, this is who I am, and every step I take in my day is a collection of people who are in the physical, and those who are in the spirit world…angels, animals, heavenly, earthbound spirits….there are no exceptions. is real and very RAW.