Medium Rawality: A Powerful Experience of a Miracle

My life as a medium is to many, the unbelievable truth. Where most of the time when I experience what we call miracles I keep them close to my heart as I know they are sacred, this is one such time I shall share my experience that I had today during a session with a client.

A beautiful young woman came to me today for a reading. It was her mother who is on the other-side who guided her to me for the sacred communication. I knew her mother as before the read she had started the communication which is almost always the norm as to prepare me for the session. Right away I offered the young woman a water, and her mother told me to say, that the water was Jesus Christ water blessed with the light and love of Christ, as I handed her the water I told her just that. The young woman smiled and accepted. The hour we spent together was full of beautiful messages of powerful evidence and validations that it was indeed her mother who was coming through from the other-side.

All throughout the session the young woman and I took sips of the water. After the session was complete and I stood up to walk her to the door, we both picked up our bottles of water, and at the same time we both realized that our waters had not been opened. As I broke the seal on my water to take a sip, I blurted out in absolute surprise... How in the world, I had been drinking this water, how had it been sealed the whole time. She too was in utter amazement saying that she knew for a fact that I had been drinking the water and she had been drinking hers, yet when we got up, grabbed our bottles they were sealed as never had been opened. I literally smacked my cheek to check and see if I were awake or if I were in a dream, it was very much surreal. We were both amazed.

The unbelievable truth had happened. I asked her mother why it had happened and she said... no matter where you are, if you are stranded on a desert alone without food, or drink, Christ will and has the power to quench your thirst and to heal your hunger. I bowed to this beautiful Mother and thanked her for the beauty of her soul.

Much Love, Pamela Theresa, Medium in the Raw